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Contracts and Procurement
Commercial disputes and litigation
Competition issues
Competition law (excluding telecoms and IT sectors)
Contract enforcement
Contracts with other public sector bodies
Contracts with private sector bodies
Income generation and/or private patients
Intellectual property
Property aspects of commercial transactions and joint ventures
Public procurement
Corporate Finance
Advice and documentation on property issues
Charitable Trusts
Drafting and contributing to project documentation
Drafting, negotiating and agreeing legal documentation
Establishing corporate vehicles
Joint ventures and partnership advice
LIFT scheme advice
PFI/PPP Project advice
Project planning
Disciplinary and Appeal
Employee payments
Employment agencies and bank staff
Employment relationship advice
Employment Tribunals
Health professional practice advice (inc MHPS)
Organisation Change/Change Management
Policies and Procedures (HR)
Revalidation (medical and nursing)
Healthcare Law (including Mental Health)
Asylum seekers
Children Act issues
Claims management and negligence cases
Clinical risk management
Complaint advice
Consent to treatment cases
Coroner enquiries and reports
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Detention and Discharge
Discharge of patients
Homicide/suicide inquiries and inquests
Human Rights Act 1998 (mental health)
Mental Capacity Act
Mental Health Act
Mental Health review tribunals
Patient mobility
Patient's property
Policies and Procedures (Clinical)
Withdrawal of treatment
Witness statements
Information Governance
Caldicott Guardian
Data Protection
Data sharing
Disclosure of information
Information security management
Subject Access
IT, Telecommunications and E-Commerce
Competition Law (relevant to the IT/Telecoms services)
Convergent technologies and the internet
Infrastructure projects (health informatics)
IT contracts and licences
IT/Telecoms procurement
Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Software licences
Property Law / Estates and Construction
Acquisitions and disposal of property
Advice in connection with Crichel Down Rules
Building contract advice
Capital charges, insurance and compliance with relevant protocols by the DoH
Construction contracts (including standard form)
Enabling works contracts
Environmental Law practice
Estate code and general estate management advice
Infrastructure projects (estate)
Landlord and tenant-related matters
Leases and licenses to use land
Mediation/Dispute resolution
Property and construction disputes
Property aspects of commercial transactions and joint ventures
Rent reimbursement provisions and directions
Reports on title
Restrictive covenants/boundary issues
Road closures
Site developments
Surplus land requirements
Town and Country Planning advice/Planning Rules knowledge
Statutory Responsibilities
Criminal prosecutions
Equality and Human Rights issues
Foundation Trust constitution advice
Freedom of information
Health and Safety
Human Rights Act 1998 (exc mental health)
Internal and public inquiries
Judicial Review advice
NHS Governance issues
Policies and procedures (Corporate)
Public consultation
Research governance